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Presentation of the Partner

Tsinghua UniversityAdvancing a tradition of academic excellence, Tsinghua University is a pacesetter for innovation in China. It has become a leading world university in just over 100 years. Tsinghua University excels in its fundamental task of high-level personnel training, and also serves as an indispensable base for China’s scientific and technological innovation. It is among the most selective universities in the Asia-Pacific region, and a trusted global partner for researchers and academics.

Institute for Interdisciplinary Information Sciences (IIIS) was established at Tsinghua University in 2010. The Institute aims to become one of the leading research centers on interdisciplinary information sciences in the world, as well as to offer an attractive environment for top quality research and education in computer science and quantum information science in China. Its special undergraduate program, nicknamed by its students as the Yao Class, has become an international brand for excellence in undegraduate computer science education.

Point of contact:

Andrew Chi-Chih Yao

Andrew Chi-Chih Yao is the Dean of Institute for Interdisciplinary Information Sciences (IIIS) at Tsinghua University. He received a PhD degree in Physics from Harvard University in 1972, and a second PhD in Computer Science from University of Illinois in 1975. He served on the faculty at MIT, Stanford, UC Berkeley, Princeton University, and since 2004 he has been a professor at Tsinghua University. He is also a Distinguished Professorat-Large at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Professor Yao’s research interests are in cryptography, quantum computing, and algorithmic economics. He is a member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, a foreign member of the US National Academy of Sciences, and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. In 2000 he received the A.M. Turing Award, the most prestigious prize in Computer Science, in recognition of his fundamental contributions to the theory of computation.

Presentation of the Partnership

In the context of the fourth industrial revolution, the digital revolution, which is likely to have a dramatic impact on the investment industry, four prominent academic institutions renowned for the quality and relevance of their educational and research programmes in finance and technology – EDHEC-Risk Institute, KAIST, Princeton and Tsinghua Universities – have partnered for the first time. Together, they will host an international series of rotational conferences on financial technologies and offer a forum that will facilitate discussion among all interested parties (academics, practitioners and regulators) around the world.

The conferences will be held annually and the 1st edition was launched on 26 April 2017 with the Four-University Rotating FinTech Conference: Wealth Management Systems for Individual Investors, which took place on the Princeton campus, and was jointly organised by EDHEC-Risk Institute and the Princeton University ORFE department.

Leading experts from the US, Asia and Europe featured at the conference, including Andrew Yao (Turing Award recipient and founder of IIIS FinTech Center at Tsinghua University), John Bogle (Founder of The Vanguard Group, and President of the Bogle Financial Markets Research Center), Woo Chang Kim (Associate Professor at KAIST), Lionel Martellini (Director of EDHEC-Risk Institute), John Mashey (Consultant, Techviser), and John Mulvey (Professor and founding member of the Bendheim Center for Finance at Princeton University).

The second edition organised by KAIST, took place on 12-13 April 2018 in Seoul. The third edition organised by EDHEC-Risk, took place in Paris on 2 April 2019. The next conference will be held in China in Spring of 2021.