EDHEC-Risk Climate Impact Institute aims to become the leading academic reference point helping long-term investors manage the asset-pricing implications of climate change as well as adaptation and mitigation efforts.

Frédéric Ducoulombier, Director, EDHEC-Risk Climate Impact Institute


Delivering Research Insights on Double Materiality to the Financial Community


Impact of Climate Change on Asset Pricing and Investment Management


Impact of Finance on Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation


advance the frontiers of knowledge and foster industry innovation.


ensure that professionals are aware of and can access our research results


bring research advances and state-of- the-art practices into the practitioner’s portfolio of skills

Industry Partnerships

conduct proprietary research for clients and develop innovative products with business partners, providing them with an edge over the competition



Latest research

Viewpoint: A response to ISSB’s Faber’s ‘triple illusion’ criticism of double materiality
The Impact of Climate Change News, Amundi
Climate Risks: Are the Markets Asleep at the Wheel?
New Moocs: Climate Change and Sustainable Investing


A great success for the webinar ‘Climate Risks: Are the Markets Asleep at the Wheel?’

A great success for the webinar ‘Climate Risks: Are the Markets Asleep at the Wheel?’

A great success for the webinar ‘Climate Risks: Are the Markets Asleep at the Wheel?’ held on November 28, with over 600 professionals registered from 60 countries, to gain insight from EDHEC-Risk Climate Impact Institute Scientific Director Riccardo Rebonato.   A large number of studies has failed to date to identify a robust and economically significant climate risk premium or climate beta...
Don’t throw the DICE out with the consultants’ advice

Don’t throw the DICE out with the...

EDHEC-Risk Climate Impact Institute newly released research confirms the misleading nature of climate-risk advice given to pension funds; points to flawed use of models and a failure to communicate...
Adia Lab Symposium: Riccardo Rebonato invited to discuss beyond climate risk scenarios

Adia Lab Symposium: Riccardo Rebonato...

Riccardo Rebonato, Scientific Director, EDHEC-Risk Climate Impact Institute, and Professor of Finance, EDHEC Business School has been invited to deliver a presentation titled “Advances in...


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