The Climate Change and Sustainable Investing Specialisation

This specialisation is made of 4 MOOCs* 


*A MOOC is about 15 hours of content, including videos, recommended readings, free access to additional material (external videos, articles…), and assessments (self-assessment and graded quizzes)


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When it comes to climate change, everything is intertwined and connected. The climate change problem raises a number of scientific and engineering challenges, but economics and finance will have a to be part of the solution.

A major redirection of resources is required from all areas of economic activity to tackle climate change in a decisive manner. Although solutions cannot solely come from finance, finance will play a major role in the redirection of resources required in the energy transition.


Against this backdrop, EDHEC-Risk Climate Impact Institute is offering a comprehensive programme, different from all other certifications. This innovative programme will help learners understand global warming with a wide perspective ranging from the science to the finance of climate change.


With an expertise drawn from backgrounds ranging  from nuclear engineering to finance, EDHEC faculty members collaborate to provide a 360 holistic view of climate change, leading to a better understanding of how financial markets can be used and mobilized for this unique challenge.


 After this learning journey, learners will be able to

  • Form their opinion grounded on scientific facts on the feasibility and effectiveness of current options to fight against climate change 
  • Understand how climate risks affect firm fundamentals and how financial managers should incorporate climate considerations in corporate decision making 
  • Understand the instruments and solutions to finance clean technologies and clean energy 
  • Assess how climate risk factors impact security prices and investment decisions 
  • Understand how to implement effective low carbon investing strategies 


This programme gives the opportunity to obtain a better understanding of the complex relationship between climate change and  the economy and finance.





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Director of EDHEC-Risk Institute - Professor