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Presentation of the Partner

SDA Bocconi

The leading School of Management in Italy and the only Italian School present in all of the most important International rankings (Financial Times, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, The Economist, Forbes), SDA Bocconi has established itself as a European leader in education. SDA Bocconi School of Management is part of Università Bocconi, the first Italian University to grant a degree in economics. For over a century, Bocconi has played a
leading role in Italy’s social and economic modernization. SDA Bocconi has been engaged in the promotion and organization of executive education since 1971, with an International approach.

The School’s vision of empowering life through knowledge and imagination lies behind its program offerings: Executive Education Open and Custom Programs, MBA and Master Programs, for the development of individuals, companies, institutions and economic systems. Choosing SDA Bocconi and coming to Milano means choosing a vibrant environment, the entrepreneurial, financial and industrialized center of Italy, a doorway to Europe.

In short, a wealth of international contacts and opportunities. And Milano, of course, is culture, fashion, design, food and the art of living. SDA Bocconi has developed research projects, executive programs and a postexperience Master program specifically addressed to financial managers for more than twenty years, thanks to a dedicated faculty expertise in the field.

Umberto Filotto i

Umberto Filotto is SDA Professor of Banking and Insurance at SDA Bocconi School of Management. He is Full Professor of Banking at the University of
Roma “Tor Vergata”; before that he was a Professor in Bocconi University, in University of Parma, in University of Lecce – Salento, and in University Parthenope in Naples. He has cooperated with SDA Bocconi since 1985. He conducted numerous seminars and consulting project with leading Italian and international companies.

He has a vast academic background of research and personal lending combined with a two decades professional experience as Secretary General of the Italian Consumer and Mortgage Credit Association.

His research activities focus on retail banking, consumer and mortgage credit, banking organization, law and economics and financial education.

Presentation of the Partnership

EDHEC Business School is proud to present a new international initiative offered jointly with SDA Bocconi School of Management: the Masterclass on New Frontiers in Retirement Investing.

The workshop focuses on the topic of Retirement Investing, drawing on the latest academic research with practical relevance. The two pillars of the financial debate on retirement needs – funding and investments – are analysed in depth by experts from two leading European business schools. The workshop also includes a roundtable discussion where regulators and investment managers will exchange their perspectives on the topic.

The morning session will be conducted by Professor Filotto, Professor of Banking and Insurance at SDA Bocconi. The session will cover:

Financing the life projects of retired individuals: strategies and products
• Senior finance: the lending side
• “Cessione del Quinto della Pensione”: wage and pension assignment loans
• The “BEE (i.e. APE)”: financing early retirement
• The Italian market for reverse mortgages

The afternoon session will be conducted by Professor Martellini, Professor of Finance at EDHEC Business School and Director of EDHEC-Risk Institute. This session will be on:

Retirement investing solutions for individuals in accumulation
• The retirement problem, an opportunity (to add value) for the financial industry
• Shortcomings of existing retirement products for individuals in accumulation
• Goal-based investing principles applied to retirement investing
• Improved forms of retirement solutions
• Meeting the mass-customisation challenge