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Presentation of the Partner

Yale University, founded in 1701, is one of the world’s great universities, attracting students from 108 countries. The mission of the Yale School of Management is to educate leaders for business and society. We are committed to understanding the complex forces transforming global markets and using that understanding to build organizations—in the forprofit, nonprofit, entrepreneurial, and government sectors—that contribute lasting value to society.


We aspire to be the most global among U.S. business schools, reaching the fast-growing frontiers of the global economy. Yale SOM led the effort to convene the Global Network for Advanced Management, which includes 22 top business schools throughout the world in 2012.


In the area of finance, with a world-renown faculty of scholars and practitioners, our International Center for Finance is a research nexus in financial economics. The Center’s fellowship is comprised of leading researchers both inside and outside of the Yale School of Management who work on key empirical and theoretical problems in financial economics, including asset pricing, corporate finance, investment management, market microstructure, behavioral finance, fixed income and derivatives, international financial markets, law and finance, and the history of financial markets.


Yale’s Executive Education initiatives focus on creating customized, transformational experiences for managers and executives from around the world. Yale takes special pride in crafting and delivering unique educational opportunities that feature access to the top minds in business—whether leading academic experts or practitioners who lead thriving organizations. We are delighted to join forces with EDHEC-Risk Institute to offer an extraordinary opportunity for executive education in specialty areas of finance and risk management.


Point of contact:

Will Goetzmann, Edwin J. Beinecke Professor of Finance and Management Studies, Director of the International Center for Finance, Yale School of Management PhD Yale University > William N. Goetzmann is an expert on a diverse range of investments, including stocks, mutual funds, real estate, and paintings. His research topics include forecasting stock markets, selecting mutual fund managers, housing as investment, and the risk and return of art. Professor Goetzmann’s work has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Business Week, The Economist, Forbes, and Art and Auction. Professor Goetzmann has a background in arts and media management. As a documentary filmmaker, he has written and coproduced programmes for Nova and the American Masters series, including a profile of artist Thomas Eakins. A former director of Denver’s Museum of Western Art, Professor Goetzmann co-authored The Origins of Value: The Financial Innovations that Created Modern Capital Markets.



Presentation of the Partnership


Having learned through the recent crises about the limitation of existing investment paradigms, investment managers and institutional investors are showing unprecedented interest in innovative forms of investment solutions. At the same time, recent advances in academic research have paved the way for the development of a new generation of financial engineering techniques aimed at improving investor welfare. In this changing and challenging market environment it has become crucial for senior investment professionals to keep abreast of the latest research advances and state-of-the-art investment practices.

It is against this backdrop that EDHEC-Risk Institute and the Yale School of Management have jointly offered top-quality executive education courses based on the exceptional strength and relevance of academic research conducted by both Yale SOM and EDHEC-Risk finance faculty. From November 2013 to July 2019, they launched a series of joint executive education seminars around the unifying theme, “Advanced Risk and Investment Management”, throughout the US and Europe. 

The focus of these seminars was on utilising the latest academic insights to help investment professionals better understand and implement advanced investment approaches and methodologies. The seminars provided relevant academic insights with respect to some of the most important dimensions of the investment process, including implementing disciplined risk and asset allocation decisions, efficiently harvesting factor risk premia across and within traditional and alternative asset classes, and designing truly meaningful forms of liability-driven or goal-based investment solutions.

• Yale SOM-EDHEC-Risk Multi Asset Investment Products & Solutions Seminar

Day 1: Risk and asset allocation decisions
Day 2: Liability-driven and goal-based investing solutions
Day 3: Exploiting predictability in asset class and active management returns

• Yale SOM-EDHEC-Risk Harvesting Risk Premia in Equity and Bonds Markets Seminar

Day 1: Foundations and recent research advances in equity portfolio management
Day 2: Equity factor investing in practice: Applications to portfolio management
Day 3: Efficient harvesting of interest rate and credit risk premia

• Yale SOM-EDHEC-Risk Harvesting Risk Premia in Alternative Asset Classes and Investment Strategies Seminar

Day 1: Foundations and recent research advances in private equity, hedge funds, real estate and fine art
Day 2: Commodities: Investment narrative and fundamentals of commodity investing
Day 3: Infrastructure: Investment narrative, asset pricing and performance measurement

Participants could complete all three seminars and receive the prestigious joint Yale School of Management-EDHEC-Risk Certificate in Risk and Investment Management, or attend a single session which provides more focused study.

560 participants have benefitted from this unique experience based on high practical relevance, which challenged and guided participants towards converting theoretical concepts into practical results. We also fostered networking by hosting a cocktail event where participants were immersed in the Yale campus experience.