Accelerating the Green Energy Transition

Hear concrete examples from both sides of the Channel on how to apply new low-carbon energy sources and technologies in the real world


As part of its "Make an Impact for Good" sustainability programme, the board of EDHEC Alumni UK is organising a new panel discussion "Accelerating the Green Energy Transition" on Thursday 25th April at 7pm at the EDHEC London Campus. 

Transitioning to renewable energy is at the core of the French and British energy strategy to tackle climate change. However, transforming the energy system faces big industrial challenges and requires new business models to make it an enabler of economic growth.  

After a quick overview of the state-of-the-art clean energy technologies in 2024 (such as renewables, hydrogen, methanisation, e-fuels, Small Modular Reactors, etc.), the event will look at concrete examples of industrial applications both in France and in the UK through private and public collaboration, and at the financial and business models that can be set up to massify the use of clean energies. 

Speakers include:

  • Estelle Levacher, Head of CEX Measurement & Governance, VIRGIN MEDIA O2 (EDHEC 1999)
  • Artus Galiay, Hauts-de-France representative to the United Kingdom and the Director UK/Ireland, Nord France Invest (the Hauts-de-France investment promotion agency). 
  • Jean Gravellier, General Manager, Pôlénergie
  • Seán Martin, Commercial Manager, Modo Energy
  • Rob Arnold, Sustainability Research Director, EDHEC-Risk Climate Impact Institute
  • Menelaos Vakalopoulos, Infrastructure Analyst, EDHECinfra and Private Assets



6.30pm UK time: Welcoming participants on campus
7pm UK time: Panel Discussion to start
8.30pm UK time: Networking Cocktail 
10pm UK time: End



Launched early 2023 by the EDHEC Alumni UK Board, "Make an Impact for Good" is a programme of UK-based Alumni activities aimed at addressing the urgent challenge of connecting generations around the sustainability agenda and making an impact for good across our entire community of UK Alumni and EDHEC students.

It offers three main activities:

  • A mentoring programme between Alumni and EDHEC students from the MSc in Global & Sustainable Business and MSc in Climate Change & Sustainable Finance. So far, Alumni from Citi, IK Partners, LVMH and Mazars have assigned sustainability-related projects to EDHEC students as part of their final-year thesis.
  • A series of top-level panel discussions on the wide range of topics around sustainability: the role of the individual, sustainable finance, the circular economy, transition to green energy...
  • A bursary scheme to support Bachelor or Master students having a special focus on the sustainability agenda during their studies at EDHEC. 

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