Climate Change & Retirement Investing Conference


The JOIM Conference Series (founded in 2006) extends the mandate of the Journal Of Investment Management (JOIM) publication of bridging the theory and practice of investment management. Whereas the JOIM publication is a rigorous peer reviewed publication, the JOIM Conference Series showcases very high quality presentations and a platform for interactive discussions of current topics in the investment management arena. Prevalent throughout both activities is the highest quality material suitable for the academic, practitioner and student.

The conference will be exploring the practical research associated with two themes, Climate Change and Retirement Investing. The coverage will include actionable insights of these important topics by leading experts from these specialty areas with physical (policy permitting) and virtual attendance available. 

This event is co-sponsored with Santa Clara University, BlackRock, Franklin Templeton and Invesco.


On May 24, Lionel Martellini, Director, EDHEC-Risk Institute, and Professor of Finance, EDHEC Business School, will give a keynote presentation entitled "Introducing the Retirement Bond – The New Risk-Free Asset in Decumulation Investing".  


Lionel Martellini, EDHEC Business School / EDHEC-Risk Institute



He will explore the following topics:

  • Academic perspectives on decumulation investing – The annuity and duration puzzles
  • Introducing the retirement bond – Design and replication challenges in decumulation
  • Benefits of retirement bonds in retirement planning – Maximally moderate withdrawal strategies
  • Benefits of retirement bonds in retirement investing – Efficient goal-based decumulation strategies


Discussant: Meir Statman, Professor of Finance, Leavey School Business, Santa Clara University



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Other featured presenters:

Monday, May 23rd – Climate Change Investing


  • Hersh Shefrin, Professor of Finance, Santa Clara University

"Fear, Hope, and Bias in the Judgments and Decisions About Climate Change"

  • Jeff Bohn, Chief Strategy Officer (CSO), OneConcern

"Resilience-adjusted valuation for Commercial Properties: Quantifying Resilience to Climate-driven Catastrophe Event Risk"
Discussant: Sharon Hill, Head of Alpha Equity - Global & Income, Vanguard

  • Guido Giese, Global Head ESG & Climate Solutions Research, MSCI

Strategic Approaches to Net-zero Investing and Their Real-world Impact

Discussant: Jing Zhang, Climate change expert

  • Joshua Kazdin, Director, BlackRock

"Extreme Weather and Retirement Savings"

Discussant: Galina Hale, Professor of Economics, University of Santa Cruz


Tuesday, May 24th – Retirement Investing

  • Jonathan A. Parker, Robert C. Merton (1970) Professor of Finance and Professor of Finance, MIT Sloan School of Management

"Household Portfolios and Retirement Saving over the Life Cycle"

Discussant: Eva Xu, Head Of Portfolio Management Team for SIP, and Director, and Head of Asset Allocation, Charles Schwab Cruz

  • Deep Srivastav

"Goals, Death, and Taxes: New Frontiers in Retirement Optimization"

  • Nicholas SavoulidesHead of Global Solutions Research, Invesco

Multi-Period Portfolio Selection: A Practical Simulation-Based Framework




Risk Managers, Portfolio Managers, Pension Managers, Plan Sponsors, Endowments, Senior Executives of Financial Firms and Academics would all benefit from attending.


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