DCIIA's 2022 Innovation Forum



This year’s DCIIA Innovation Summit will take place on 2 March, and will discuss disruptive trends that will shape the retirement and investment industries in the future.

The Defined Contribution Institutional Investment Association (DCIIA) is a non-profit association dedicated to enhancing the retirement security of America’s workers. DCIIA fosters a dialogue among the leaders of the defined contribution community who are passionate about improving defined contribution outcomes. DCIIA’s diverse group of members include investment managers, consultants and advisors, law firms, record keepers, insurance companies, plan sponsors and other thought leaders who are collectively committed to the best interests of plan participants.


Topics being considered include: 

  • Innovations in ESG
  • Unlocking the Treasure Trove of Data
  • Mass Customization and Personalization
  • Direct Indexing
  • Innovations in Retirement Income
  • Blockchain
  • The Future Voice of DC



Shahyar Safaee, Research Director and Head of Business Development at EDHEC-Risk Institute, will participate in the roundtable session on Innovations in Retirement Income, together with:

  • Vincent Manning, Global Trust Company
  • Dave Paulsen, Annexus 
  • Moderation: Angela Montez, Evershed Sutherland

Shahyar SAFAEE, Research Director and Head of Business Development at EDHEC-Risk Institute.


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Shahyar will discuss the use of a new risk-free asset – the Retirement Bond – in decumulation strategies employed by DC plan participants in the first 20 years after their retirement. Participants could add the Retirement Bond to their decumulation portfolio to secure a given level of retirement income and efficiently take incremental risk to grow their retirement income.

EDHEC-Risk view the Retirement Bond as the fixed-income building block currently missing in standard decumulation solutions (e.g. target-date funds, balanced funds) offered by DC plans. Its introduction as a substitute for the standard fixed-income portfolios currently used in decumulation would significantly improve the risk/return tradeoff with respect to retirement income for plan participants.


Further information on the forum can be found on the Defined Contribution Institutional Investment Association (DCIIA) Website.