EDHEC Speaker Series: Climate Investing

In early 2022, EDHEC Business School launched the monthly online speaker series, 'The Future of Finance,' designed to explore the latest developments in the financial industry and discuss how finance can address critical economic and societal challenges.

The EDHEC Speaker Series “The Future of Finance”, has garnered an inclusive audience of students, researchers, and finance professionals.


On March 12, 2024, EDHEC Business School will host Thierry Roncalli, Head of Quant Portfolio Strategy at Amundi Institute who will deliver a talk on Climate Investing.

Thierry Roncalli brings extensive expertise in quantitative finance and investment strategy, making him a leading authority in the field of sustainable finance. With a focus on climate-conscious investment practices, Thierry has been instrumental in developing innovative approaches to integrate environmental factors into portfolio management strategies.

During this webinar, participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Explore the fundamentals of Climate Investing and its implications for modern portfolio management
  • Gain insights into the integration of climate-related risks and opportunities into investment decision-making processes
  • Understand the evolving regulatory landscape and its impact on climate-aware investment strategies

As Head of Quant Portfolio Strategy at Amundi Institute, Thierry Roncalli offers a unique perspective on the intersection of finance and environmental sustainability. This webinar serves as a valuable resource for asset managers, institutional investors, and sustainability professionals seeking to navigate the complexities of climate-conscious investing.


The session will be moderated by Frédéric Ducoulombier, Director of the EDHEC-Risk Climate Impact Institute and Emmanuel Jurczenko, Director of Graduate Finance Programmes at EDHEC Business School