JOIM-Oxford-EDHEC Retirement Investing Conference 2016


EDHEC-Risk Institute, The Journal of Investment Management (JOIM) and Oxford University have joined forces for the first time to feature the most relevant academic insights with an immediate as well as a future impact on the practice of Retirement Investing.

The JOIM-Oxford-EDHEC Retirement Investing Conference will take place on 11, 12 and 13 September, 2016 on the Oxford University Campus and showcases the highest quality thinking and research in the area.

The programme is developed on a foundation of academic rigour with an overriding objective of identifying practical significance.

On September 11, the conference will start with a welcome dinner and will feature the Nobel Prize recipient Robert Merton as keynote speaker.

On September 12, the conference will open with a round-table session moderated by Liam Kennedy, Editor of Investment & Pensions Europe and involving the participation of several distinguished industry speakers, including Mark Fawcett (CIO, NEST Corporation) and Joanne Segars (Chief Executive, Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association), as well as selected asset managers (sponsorship).

The conference will then continue with seven, well-focused academic presentations from prestigious speakers including Deborah Lucas from the MIT Sloan School of Management, Magnus Dahlquist (Stockholm School of Economics), Elroy Dimson (London Business School), Tim Jenkinson (University of Oxford), Martin Leibowitz (Morgan Stanley Research), Mark Kritzman (Windham Capital), and Lionel Martellini, EDHEC-Risk Institute.

The conference programme is available here.


Robert Merton, School of Management Distinguished Professor of Finance, MIT Sloan School of Management
Lionel Martellini, Director, EDHEC-Risk Institute
Martin Leibowitz, Managing Director, Morgan Stanley Research
Deborah Lucas, Sloan Distinguished Professor of Finance, MIT Center for Finance and Policy
Magnus Dahlquist, Professor of Finance, Stockholm School of Economics
Tim Jenkinson, Professor of Finance, University of Oxford, Saïd Business School
Mark Kritzman, Founding Partner and Chief Executive Officer, Windham Capital, LLC
Elroy Dimson, Emeritus Professor of Finance, London Business School

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