OECD Infrastructure Forum: Infrastructure for Resilience

Join us at the OECD Infrastructure Forum on April 8th, where experts will convene to address the pressing challenges of enhancing infrastructure resilience in the face of escalating climate change effects.


The escalation of climate change effects is increasingly evident, marked by the intensification of extreme events like floods, heatwaves, and wildfires, which now pose significant threats on a broader scale. Urgency surrounds the imperative to expedite the transition to net zero emissions, not only to mitigate the severity of future occurrences but also to bolster resilience across all nations, regions, and municipalities, spanning various levels of development. While these extreme events pose challenges to infrastructure's capacity to meet societal and environmental needs, they also underscore the critical role of infrastructure in safeguarding ecosystems and preserving livelihoods in the face of climate change.

This year's OECD Infrastructure Forum serves as a pivotal platform for countries to refine their strategies in tackling the complexities of enhancing infrastructure resilience across governmental and societal tiers. The event aims to facilitate the exchange of innovative concepts, exemplary approaches, and state-of-the-art solutions among policymakers and stakeholders involved at every stage of infrastructure development.

On April 8, Rob Arnold, Sustainability Research Director at EDHEC-Risk Climate Impact Institute, will be participating in the panel discussion on "Reporting standards to address resilience for investors". During this session, he will share his insights on some of the challenges and actions that are needed to move the needle in reporting on the quality and resilience of infrastructure assets, alongside other esteemed panelists:

  • Christophe Dossarps, CEO, Source
  • Nancy Saich, Chief Climate Change Expert, EIB
  • Richard Manley, Chief Sustainability Officer, CPP Investments
  • Nicolas Pinaud, Deputy Director, OECD
  • Jorrit Zwijnenburg, Head of Sectoral Accounts, OECD


Robust, reliable and standardised reporting is critical to coherence with infrastructure standards and ensuring that performance is in accordance with contractual and policy requirements. Without standardised reporting, data collection remains challenging at both the project and collective level.


Further information on the conference can be found on the OECD Infrastructure Forum website