The Advances in Asset Allocation seminar: the new blended-learning programme!

Written on 22 Feb 2018.

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Capitalise on a unique and flexible course, the Advances in Asset Allocation seminar: the new blended-learning programme!

This course will enable participants to explore asset allocation concepts and techniques at their own pace relying on elearning material developed by EDHEC-Risk Institute. Case studies and discussions will be hold at EDHEC London campus with Professor Martellini on February 14th .

The Investment Solutions course is designed to be an introduction to the technical and conceptual challenges involved in the design of innovative forms of welfare-improving investment solutions, building upon the expertise developed within EDHEC-Risk Institute over the last 15 years. Emphasis will be made on real world examples of application and on the development of problem solving skills through the use of dedicated portfolio simulation/construction tools.

Time commitment: 9 weeks from December 11th / 3 flexible hours per week and one day at our London campus in the City (February 14th).


Format: Self-paced with live faculty
At the end of the three modules, one entire day will be dedicated to case studies to engage in concepts and a variety of real-world case study applications with the guidance of the instructor.

Faculty: Professor Lionel Martellini, Professor of Finance at EDHEC Business School and Director of EDHEC-Risk Institute, PhD Berkeley
A seasoned instructor who combines academic expertise and industry experience.

Output: An EDHEC-Risk Institute Certification.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understanding the value of financial risk management in the investment management process
  • Defining the three possible approaches to risk management: diversification, hedging and insurance
  • Introducing liability-driven investing and goal-based investing
  • Understanding the benefits of risk allocation, factor investing and smart betas
  • Understanding improved forms of target-date funds and retirement solutions

Further information, please click here or contact: [email protected]