CFS – Digital Programme on Data Science in Investment Management

Written on 19 Apr 2019.

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Collaboration is the next disruption in Education: This is why EDHEC-Risk Institute has teamed up with Coursera, the world’s largest learning platform with about 40 million registered learners all over the word, to develop a digital programme in Data Science in Investment Management.

This self-paced programme consists of videos, recommended readings, quizzes and projects, and it also provides eLearners with help and assistance: they can connect with thousands of other students and discuss ideas, discuss the course content and get help to master the concepts.

Data science and machine learning are topics of considerable interest in industry discussions, and have a pre-eminent role in today’s corporate issues, whatever the sector of activity considered.

EDHEC-Risk Institute aspires to associate its research efforts on data science in investment management with a major name from the industry, and welcomes sponsorship to conduct this digital programme with Coursera.

This is a unique marketing opportunity for the company to showcase its brand of advanced data science in investment management by supporting academic research and investor education with a global leading academic think-tank in the area of investment solutions for individual and institutional asset owners, asset managers and wealth managers. Play a part in the Revolution of Education! 

If you are interested in being the exclusive sponsor of this digital programme whose mandate is to feature the best of the current state-of-the-art in data science and machine learning, which has an immediate as well as a future impact on the practice Investment Management, click here to download the call for sponsorship.

For further information and to discuss sponsorship opportunities, please contact Caroline Prévost at EDHEC-Risk Institute ([email protected]).