Climate Finance: watch the replay of Professors Rubin, Zerbib and Monasterolo’s talks

Written on 20 Jan 2023.

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Watch the full replay of the 7th Green Finance Research Advances Conference, co-organized by the Institut Louis Bachelier and Banque de France, with the participation of Finance For Tomorrow and the Institute for Climate Economics -I4CE.

The conference aimed to bring academics, finance practitioners and regulators together to discuss research issues related to the integration of climate risks and environmental issues into macro-economic modelling/forecasting and risk assessment in the financial sector.

Climate risks have much longer time horizons than traditional financial risks and cannot be dealt with without a clear understanding of long-term phenomena governing the joint evolution of climate and the economy. Awareness of the short and medium-term aspects of energy transition are crucial for an orderly transition and are perhaps less well studied in the economic literature. The 7th Green Finance Research Advances aimed to highlight the short and medium-term climate risks and obstacles to energy transition and the role of central banks in addressing them.  

EDHEC Business School was proud to have three professors invited to join the great line of speakers at the 7th edition of the Green Finance Research Advances Conference (#GFRA):

✅ Professor Mirco Rubin presented joint work with EDHEC-Risk Climate Impact Institute Research Engineer Emanuele Chini titled "Time-varying Environmental Betas and Latent Green Factors";

✅ EDHEC-Risk Climate Affiliate Member David Zerbib presented research titled "When Green Investors Are Green Consumers";

✅ EDHEC-Risk Climate Research Programme Director Irene Monasterolo presented work titled "The double materiality of climate physical and transition risks in the euro area";

✅ University of Venice Professor Stefano Battiston presented work co-authored by Professor Monasterolo and titled "A climate credit risk model: a structural approach".

We would like to once again congratulate Irene Monasterolo, for winning the “Young Researchers in Green Finance” Prize by Banque de France, awarded during the conference.


To watch the replay of Mirco Rubin and David Zerbib's interventions on December 14, follow this link or see the video directly below:




To watch the replay of Irene Monasterolo's talks on December 15, follow this link or see the video directly below:




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