Lionel Martellini joined Paris EUROPLACE Institutional Investors’ Committee

Written on 13 Jan 2020.

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Lionel Martellini, Director of the EDHEC-Risk Institute has been invited by Valérie Baudson, Chairman of the Institutional Investors’ Committee to join the Institutional Investors’ Committee of Paris EUROPLACE.

Since 12 December 2019, Lionel serves as the only representative from the academic world.

The Paris financial marketplace plays a key role in financing the economy. The association aims to cover funding needs and favour high-performance and sustainable investments. Lionel Martellini will bring his expertise on investment solutions and sustainable finance, thanks to the research works conducted within EDHEC-Risk research programmes. EDHEC-Risk Institute’s eight research programmes explore interrelated aspects of investment solutions to advance the frontiers of knowledge and foster industry innovation. These programmes correspond to a long-term investment on the part of the Institute and they are designed with the support of EDHEC-Risk Institute’s International Advisory Board. They host research chairs and strategic research projects that are supported by the industry.

The Paris EUROPLACE Investor College, made up of representatives of institutional investors, insurance companies, asset managers and individual investors, is continuing its work on the consolidation of the Investors Division of the Paris market, the essential development of long-term savings and its orientation towards corporate equity financing, the new European priorities. Here is the composition of this Investor College.

Paris EUROPLACE is the Paris financial services-led body, in charge of developing and promoting Paris as an international financial center. Paris EUROPLACE is chaired by Augustin de ROMANET, Chairman and CEO, Aéroports de Paris (ADP). Paris EUROPLACE brings together all financial services industry stakeholders and is the voice for its 400+ members, corporate issuers, investors, banks and financial intermediaries, professional associations, attorneys and accountants, consulting firms, etc., as well as the financial market authorities.


Professor Lionel Martellini, is Director of EDHEC-Risk Institute. He conducts research in a broad range of topics related to investment solutions for individual and institutional investors, equity and fixed-income portfolio construction, risk management and derivatives valuation. He was previously on the faculty of the University of Southern California and has held a visiting position at Princeton University. He sits on the editorial boards of various journals, including the Journal of Alternative Investments and the Journal of Portfolio Management. He holds a PhD in Finance from the Haas School of Business, University of California at Berkeley. Outside of his activities in finance, he recently completed a PhD in Relativistic Astrophysics (University Côte d’Azur) and has become a member of the LIGO/Virgo international collaboration for the observation of gravitational waves.