What is the best master’s for sustainability?

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Rebellion Research 07/09/2023

Rebellion Research

"We must give EDHEC credit for becoming one of the top programs globally!

The EDHEC Initiative : Pioneering Sustainable Futures Through Online Education

Climate change stands as one of the most pressing challenges of our time, a reality that demands collective action across disciplines and sectors. Amidst this backdrop, the prestigious EDHEC Business School has launched a transformative educational program focused on Climate Change and Sustainable Investing. The initiative, already with a remarkable enrollment of over 10,000 learners, not only epitomizes the influential role of education in fostering sustainable practices but also highlights the crucial contribution of finance in combating climate change.

The Convergence of Finance and Climate Action

Addressing climate change involves a significant redirection of resources and activities across the economic spectrum. The financial sector is poised to play an outsized role in this massive undertaking by facilitating the capital flows necessary for the energy transition. Within this context, the EDHEC’s program on Climate Change and Sustainable Investing emerges as a game-changing educational model, designed to cultivate a workforce that can navigate the complexities of both climate science and financial strategies for sustainability.

The EDHEC Program: A Closer Look

Offered exclusively on Coursera, the world’s leading e-learning platform, this innovative program comprises four Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). These courses provide a comprehensive overview that integrates climate science, political economy, capital budgeting, corporate financial strategy, risk management, and investment management. As an entirely online program, it eliminates geographical barriers, inviting participation from a diverse range of learners across the globe.

Community of Diverse Learners

One of the most remarkable aspects of this program is its capacity to attract a diverse community of learners. Given the program’s online nature, students from various countries, backgrounds, and sectors can readily access these high-quality resources. This creates a unique opportunity for cross-cultural exchange and collaboration, enabling innovative solutions to emerge from the intersections of different perspectives on climate change and sustainable investing.

The Prestige of EDHEC

The reputation of EDHEC Business School as a leading institution in business education lends this program an added layer of prestige and credibility. EDHEC’s commitment to academic excellence and actionable research is evident in the rigor and relevance of this specialisation in Climate Change and Sustainable Investing. Learners enrolled in this program benefit not just from cutting-edge content but also from the association with a globally respected institution, thereby boosting their own professional credentials significantly.


The Climate Change and Sustainable Investing program by EDHEC stands as a testament to the power of education in fostering sustainable practices. With its impressive enrollment and comprehensive curriculum, the program is empowering a new generation to take meaningful action against climate change. Given the program’s prestigious affiliation and its capacity to meld diverse sectors like finance and climate science, it is uniquely positioned to make a significant impact in the quest for a more sustainable and equitable world."

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What is the best master’s for sustainability?