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In January 2022, EDHEC Business School has launched a new online monthly speaker series on “The Future of Finance”. The objective is to address the most recent advances in the financial industry and discuss how finance can be a powerful tool for tackling key economic and social challenges. To do so, this series gathers all year long international renowned industry experts and academic scholars reflecting the research culture and intellectual commitment of EDHEC Business School #makeanimpact. The targeted audience is the current EDHEC Business School finance graduate students, the EDHEC alumni, and the members of the enlarged EDHEC community and guests.

On May 2, 2023, EDHEC welcomed Professor Ayako Yasuda, a leading expert in finance and impact investing and Professor of Finance at University of California, Davis. Atteendees discovered the distinct features of impact investing, how investors in impact VC funds exhibit non-pecuniary preferences, and the scalability of impact investing beyond private markets.

Professor Yasuda also discussed the limitations of current sustainable mutual funds/ETFs and the need for clarity in labeling. A great opportunity to gain insights on creating positive social and environmental change through impactful investments.

EDHEC discussants were Enrique Schroth, Professor of Finance, EDHEC Business School and Emmanuel Jurczenko, Director of Graduate Finance Programmes, EDHEC Business School.


View paper "Impact Investing", forthcoming in the Palgrave Encyclopedia of Private Equity 

View paper "Impact Investing", published in the Journal of Financial Economics (2020)

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