EDHEC-Risk Climate October 2023 Newsletter is out!

Written on 11 Oct 2023.

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Delivering research insights on double materiality to the financial community


One year ago, EDHEC-Risk Institute became EDHEC-Risk Climate Impact Institute (EDHEC-Risk Climate) reflecting the commitment of EDHEC Business School to advancing the integration of sustainability imperatives across economic activities. The Institute's mission is to help private and public decision-makers manage climate-related financial risks and make the best use of the financial tools available to transition to low-emission and climate-resilient economies.


We are delighted to present our October newsletter, providing a wealth of valuable content, including articles, research findings, and project updates on the most current issues in sustainable finance. This edition offers the latest insights and research from the Institute.

Riccardo Rebonato, Scientific Director of EDHEC-Risk Climate opens the editorial, with an article entitled "Why We Need New Climate Scenarios", and explores the pressing challenges posed by climate change and the crucial need for new finance tools to address these unprecedented issues. Developing these tools part will be part of the agenda of a new research chair on "Upgrading Climate Scenarios for Investment Management" that we are establishing with the support of Scientific Beta.

The newsletter includes:


The newsletter also features an interview "Sustainability Reporting and Material Delusions" with Frédéric Ducoulombier, Director of EDHEC-Risk Climate, who answers key questions about recent developments in ESG reporting and the concept of “double materiality.” In particular, he sheds light on the European Sustainability Reporting Standards ESRS, adopted by the Commission in July 2023.

Additionally, it provides information on EDHEC-Risk Climate’s latest research publications, events, videos and news, and also includes a press review.

EDHEC-Risk Climate Inaugural Newsletter - October 2023 Issue

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