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Presentation of the Partner

With unmatched integrity and professionalism, Pensions & Investments consistently delivers news, research and analysis to the executives who manage the flow of funds in the institutional investment market. Since its founding in 1973, this continues to be the mission of Pensions & Investments, the international newspaper of money management. Written for pension, portfolio and investment management executives at the hub of this market, Pensions & Investments provides its audience with timely and incisive coverage of events affecting the money management business. Written by a worldwide network of reporters and correspondents, Pensions & Investments' coverage includes business and financial news, legislative reports, global investments, product development, technology, investment performance, executive changes, corporate governance and other topics crucial to the people who drive the world of professional money. Pensions & Investments is owned by Crain Communications Inc.

As the industry's premier daily newsletter, P&I Daily keeps you up-to-date on the fast breaking news affecting professional money. Every weekday afternoon, P&I Daily is delivered via email directly to more than 23,000 senior executives at the country's largest corporate, union and government pension plans, endowments, foundations, consulting firms and investment management companies.

The P&I Research Center is an interactive online platform of key institutional investment data compiled and verified by the Pensions & Investments editorial team..


Point of contact:

Jennifer Ablan is the editor-in-chief, chief content officer for Pensions & Investments. In her role, Ms. Ablan is responsible for the brand's platform expansion to grow the audience of professional investors and advisers with a focus on digital engagement and measurement.

Before joining P&I, Ms. Ablan was U.S. assistant managing editor at the Financial Times. In that role, she supported editorial expansion in the U.S. She previously was U.S. investments editor at Reuters for a decade, overseeing asset management and "big money" coverage and leading the team. Earlier posts included working at Barron's and Dow Jones Newswires, all with a focus on money management and investing.

A graduate of the University of Hawaii at Manoa in Honolulu, Ms. Ablan received the 2011 Rising Star award from the Women's Bond Club and has been named one of Business Insider's "125 most important finance people you have to follow" on Twitter.



Presentation of the Partnership

EDHEC-Risk Institute (now EDHEC-Risk Climate Impact Institute) and Pensions & Investments have established a partnership to produce a special quarterly editorial supplement to provide Pensions & Investments readers with industry-relevant research of the highest academic standards.

Pensions & Investments (P&I), the leading bi-weekly international money management newspaper for pension, portfolio and investment management executives, based in New York and Chicago, produce regular supplements containing research contributions from EDHEC-Risk Climate Impact Institute.

Over fifteen supplements have been published following the inaugural issue in November 2013. 

The April 2023 edition of the Research for Institutional Money Management supplement to P&I is an EDHEC Climate and Finance Special. It covers several research issues that have relevance for the investment industry today. We first describe how the oft-criticised models linking the economy and the planet's climate can be upgraded to include the latest advances of science. We introduce a factor that captures both the sectoral and intra-sectoral dimensions of transition risks. We analyze the outperformance of low-carbon energy infrastructure investments over the past decade and find that it is largely explained by excess demand. We use advanced econometric methods to explore the relationship between stock returns and proxies for environmental footprint and use a variety of language models to construct climate news indices. Finally, we introduce and discuss the characteristics of long-term climate scenarios, such as those developed by the Network of Central Banks and Supervisors for Greening the Financial System (NGFS) and look at their operationalization for climate-financial risk assessment, their current limitations and their potential for further development.


EDHEC Climate and Finance special issue of the Pensions & Investments April 2023


The list of past issues may be consulted here.